I promised new content and here it is, a shiny new segment. Saying segment makes me feel like a news reporter and I kind of dig it. News reporter Chloe at your service! So if you didn't know I'm a little bit of a magazine hoarder and by that I mean I used to get Vogue every single month for about three years straight. I realised I should stop once I saw the piles and piles of ancient issues taking up every empty space in my room, bye-bye extortionate monthly payments.


TOPSHOP HAUL | 15.11.15

It feels good to get up more content on my channel and whats better than a haul, a Topshop haul at that! I've always said I've wanted to try new things over on my YouTube channel but I'm yet to adventure out and do so. I have recently started the Monthly Mixtape section but that's just the start of all my never-ending ideas. Maybe I'll be brave enough to give it all again soon. For now though here's my latest video and while I'm at it I should apologise about the lack of outfit posts recently.



Now that I'm a Topshop employee I've become rather obsessed with browsing the site every single day, It's part of my job I guess? With that comes all sorts of wants but mostly needs, I really do need about 80% of the store at the moment I swear! With that being said I thought I'd start up a new post in which I'd style up some pieces from Topshop and Topman as I do dream of becoming a stylist one day, so this will be like a really crappy digital version of that which will help you and I get fashion inspiration and also find items we just need in our wardrobes - stat! Now, let's talk about outfit #1...


SIMPLICITY | 02.11.2015

Sometimes things don't have to be all patterns and sparkles, you know? It's hard to belive that's come out of my mouth but a tee and jeans can look so perfectly simple. I'm taking major inspiration from these simplistic attires and wearing a plain shirt and jeans on a more regular occasion.

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