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I've come to realize that December is the time were Christmas jumpers come out to play. I feel like the past couple of years people haven't worn their festive sweaters out in public, they've saved them for the comfort of their own homes or that one special day of the year, Christmas day. But, this year it seems pretty much everybody is wearing one. I don't know if it's because there has been a numerous amount of different charity days - which is brilliant and clearly working - or because Christmas is becoming loved once again. Who knows. For me, it's not that I don't enjoy a good'ol tacky jumper but i'd rather save mine for a charity day. I'm more into a simple chunky knit with zero baubles or flashing lights on. Just a plain, boring sweater for me thanks!

Just like every year I'm into my whites, greys, blacks and navys and I'm loving these colours in sweaters at the moment, give me a big roll neck in a waffle knit and a pair of slacks and I'm in, my perfect winter look. My current favorites on Asos at the moment include these ever so snug looking ones...

ASOS Chunky Jumper With Turtle Neck And Wide Sleeves

ASOS Jumper With Chips

ASOS Jumper in Rib With Turtle Neck

ASOS Cable Jumper With Turtle Neck

ASOS Chunky Jumper With Detachable Snood

Pair any of these with some leather-look leggings, a pair of spray on skinnies, some stylish sweatpants or even a mini skirt if you're brave enough to face the cold! Or, if you don't want to be a scrooge, then you can wear your Christmas jumper with any of these too!



Turtle neck - Next, layered tshirt - Urban Outfitters, denim jacket - Topman, jeans - Topman, boots - Dr Martens

It's not often I'm behind the camera these days, so I wanted to take some time away from being in front of it and get back into taking photos myself. I begged my boyfriend to help me out on this front and little does he know that this will now be a regular thing, sorry Dan! I've mentioned many times before how I'm inspired by men just as much as I am women, which you may have gathered from my recent post about Harry Styles... My other half is a pretty stylish being, so luckily I've found a perfect person to take outfit photos of on a regular basis, hoorah! I don't suppose many men do read my blog, but if you are a man or take inspiration from menswear like myself then hopefully you'll enjoy these posts just as much as I do.

One of the thing's I like about Dan's style is that it can be really minimal but he somehow manages to always look cool without even trying, It's actually sort of annoying. He's recently found a liking to turtle neck sweaters, which may or may not have been helped along by me. This one is from Next, it comes in so many varieties and colours so hopefully he'll go back for more of them in the near future. I love the look of chunky knits and rolls necks on men and they can be worn so many different ways. They look especially good with combat boots or in this case a pair of classic DM's, which is also a look I like to wear. I love them with blazers and leather jackets as well as denim. They feel so old fashioned and vintage (in a good way of course), plus I can't think of much better for winter!

I will say it feels strange writing about an outfit which isn't my own. Perhaps it would be better to let Dan write a little bit about his outfit in the future? We'll see. I did really enjoy getting back into my photography mode and taking photos of people again though, and I hope you enjoy this sort of post too. Also, a little while ago we made an OOTD video together on my YouTube so if you want to see another one of Dan's outfits click here!