It's finally time to swap those short skirts and floaty dresses for a nice, warm pair of jeans. I used to refuse to wear jeans, I always walked around in the freezing cold temperatures in 10 denier tights and complain about the weather all through winter but then I grew up a little and realized just now amazing jeans can be, and boy were my legs happy about it! I know have three draws dedicated to my jeans which I never thought would happen. Other than stating the obvious about jeans being far warmer than having your bare legs out, they're also perfect for those 'I don't care' days which, like it or not, we all have. You can throw on a pair with a sweater and some ankle boots and head straight out the door still looking like you've made an effort even though you didn't even think twice about what colour top to go for or what boots match.

Jeans are pretty versatile these days, there are all sorts of cuts, shapes, colours, etc that you're bound to find your perfect pair. My perfect jean is a super skinny pair that sits nicely on my waist so it covers all my lumps and bumps but fit's to my body like a glove. I also love a good pair of baggy ones too because let's face it, comfort is a priority!

Here are a few from Asos that I've got my eye on at the moment, some tight, some loose and some that are just plain awesome!

ASOS Rivington High Waist Denim Jegging in Mid Vintage Wash - £28

ASOS Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans in Leopard Print with Ripped Knee - £35

Mango 70's Flare Jean - £44.99

Dr Denim Plenty High Waist Super Skinny - £44

Noisy May Mom Boyfriend Jeans - £55

ASOS Peg Jean in Vintage Denim Self-Stripe - £38



I don't know if it's the kitsch shirts, occasional mun (man-bun) or the Chelsea boots that are swaying me towards Harry Styles but he's definitely doing something right. I've never really thought twice about a member of One Direction but I suppose now they're all grown up and have a peronal sense of style, one of them was bound to catch my eye at some point!

It may sound odd to some, but I adore the 'indie, just rolled out of bed' thing, the likes of John Mayer, Johnny Depp and Alex Turner pull it off so well. Seeing Johnny Depp at the MTV music awards rocking his usual get up featuring tatty boots, a baggy ripped shirt, a worn leather jacket and a huge fedora actually led me to getting my first ever pair of Chelsea boots when I was 15 years old and I still wear them to this day because of how much these men inspired me, and Harry wears them so well too!

I can now see why so many people swoon over him as I will admit, I'm currently swooning big time. Although I'm not a 'Directioner' I am having a serious fan-girl moment for Mr.Styles and I can't believe it's taken me so long! Shame on me!