I don't know if it's the kitsch shirts, occasional mun (man-bun) or the Chelsea boots that are swaying me towards Harry Styles but he's definitely doing something right. I've never really thought twice about a member of One Direction but I suppose now they're all grown up and have a peronal sense of style, one of them was bound to catch my eye at some point!

It may sound odd to some, but I adore the 'indie, just rolled out of bed' thing, the likes of John Mayer, Johnny Depp and Alex Turner pull it off so well. Seeing Johnny Depp at the MTV music awards rocking his usual get up featuring tatty boots, a baggy ripped shirt, a worn leather jacket and a huge fedora actually led me to getting my first ever pair of Chelsea boots when I was 15 years old and I still wear them to this day because of how much these men inspired me, and Harry wears them so well too!

I can now see why so many people swoon over him as I will admit, I'm currently swooning big time. Although I'm not a 'Directioner' I am having a serious fan-girl moment for Mr.Styles and I can't believe it's taken me so long! Shame on me!




Shirt - Newlook, sweater - , jeans - Primark, shoes - Newlook, socks - Primark, hat - Topshop, bag - Primark

Quite a bit different from my last outfit post, I've ditched my bare legged summer look to my more winter appropriate one. As it's turned autumn/winter I will be wearing black probably 90% of the time as of now. A good example would be this outfit, so much monochrome goodness going on! I must say I do like the fact I can start layering already as I love the look of a shirt under a sweater. I'm wearing one of my favourite - and also very popular - shirts from Newlook under a basic knit.

Another wardrobe love of mine are these killer patent shoes that are basically a really, really cheap version of a pair of Doc half boots. These shoes are also a Newlook find from last winter but I have a feeling stores will be selling ones very similar if not identical this season too. I love them paired with shirts for a preppy look and especially this shirt in particular to stray away from the girly vibes my heart print shirt is giving off. I did forget that the reason I haven't worn these shoes in so long is because A. It wasn't winter and B. they absolutely destroy my feet, the pain is so totally worth it though.

I had to wear my black and white floppy hat to keep my hair under control and away from the rain, but also for the fact it finished my outfit off perfectly.